A Hammered Copper Kitchen Sink; the Pride of a Housewife

Copper is an ideal metal that repairs scratches on its own. The patina changes with the time and so does all the scratches and blemishes. They’ll go invisible in a few days. When the raw copper surface is in contact with chemicals a protective layer called patina gets collected on the surface. Patina further changes into different colors continuously when it reacts with chemicals such as salt and vinegar. But, except color changes no corrosion takes place in it. Bleaching agents like chlorine must not be used to clean your copper sink.  They will remove the patina from the surface and its fine finish is gone forever then. Anyway, copper proves to be far better to make kitchen sinks than any other material like acrylic, stone, ceramic or steel.

Having a copper sink in the kitchen means a lot to a housewife. It’s durable, easy-to-use and so beautiful to see. Bringing copper to a home is something that makes a home owner proud. It’s more expensive than a normal one. So, in order to reap the maximum benefits from your purchase you must know how to select a sink made of super-grade copper. Otherwise, you’ll have to suffer the drastic consequences of buying a low quality, easily-to-damage sink. Some manufacturers use low quality copper. These products are of the poorest quality and then you can never expect the advantages of a genuine copper sink. There will only be a waste of money.

Before buying a sink, definitely see the country where it’s been made. If you become careful, you can always buy best products worth the money you pay. The birthplace of the best quality copper sinks is Mexico, South of the border. Those skilled craftsmen always give a hand hammered finish to their products. Also, they use 99.9% pure copper to produce sinks that lasts a longer time.

Mexican hammered copper kitchen sinks are economical and attractive. They’re worth buying because of the great finish and the fine look. However, a good maintenance is a must to lengthen the life expectancy of a copper sink. Apply a wax or use sinkology at least once a month to preserve its finest glow. If you care for your copper sink this way, you’ll never have to grumble over the loss of shine or discolorations.  

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